Our 2015 Christmas Party for Lights in the Heights was a lot of fun even though someone in charge of the weather thought it actually July! It was hot, humid, rainy and miserable outside but The Bayland House was rocking with great tunes, craft beer, a Christmas cocktail, honey ham, fondue, mac and cheese from Liberty Kitchen and plenty of wine! Our neighborhood was flooded with people walking around in the rain looking at all the beautiful houses dressed up for the holidays. Here are a few of our decorations:


Christmas entry table

Joy candles

I covered the main food table and the kitchen center island with black chalk paper. You can find it in any craft store, along with colored chalk markers. Give it a try at your next party, it always adds a whimsical touch to your tables. However, make sure you put it down at least two days before your party since it takes a while to draw and color the designs.

food table

chalk artwork

We had a photo booth set up in the living room by our Christmas tree. I bought some large gold glitter frames and other Christmas related props from a party supply store.  I sat them up on the coffee table along with my polaroid camera. Super fun idea for your next party, tailor your props depending on the occasion whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or shower, photo booths are always a big hit.

Girls Photo booth

I put some party favors by the door so friends could grab a snack and a trinket on the way out the door. This year I had glow necklaces, glasses and bracelets along with some sugar cookies and reindeer food. (peanut butter/choc covered cereal dusted with powdered sugar)

Party Favors

Our 2015 Christmas Party was a huge success this year! We got see friends we haven’t seen in a while and met some new people that I know will be back next year. I think we finally turned the lights out at 2:00am. So, now I get to start planning how to decorate for next year.

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