Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from The Bayland House. I can’t believe it’s already the “almost” end of June. That means it’s almost time to start thinking of how you’ll decorate your tables when the 4th rolls around! I want to show you a simple 4th of July Centerpiece that you could make big or small depending on the size of your container. Here’s a picture of the finished product :

4th of July Centerpiece           4th of July Centerpiece

I chose to use some glass containers I already have, but I’ve seen people use silver buckets, cardboard boxes and plastic flower pots. Here is a look at the supplies I used and a list of the supplies incase you need to know where to get what you need.

4th of July Centerpiece

  1. paper straws: I went to Arne’s in Houston
  2. flowers: I love Kroger for fresh flowers
  3. ribbon: Arne’s has a huge supply of all kinds and colors of ribbon
  4. paper cutter: this is a cheap one I got at Hobby Lobby
  5. Zots: these are little circles you can use to stick the straws to your container, they come in all different sizes

Now that you have your supplies, get your straws out and measure them against your container. Using the paper cutter, cut your straws to the correct size.( keep your fingers out of the way! )  I like to cut everything first and the then assemble. Zot’s are very sticky, so be careful or you’ll end up with them sticking to the counter, your finger or anything else they touch.  Take one of the straws and roll it across the Zot’s and the sticky circle will transfer onto the straw. Then attach the straw to the container, add the colored ribbon around the middle and you have yourself a beautiful centerpiece worthy of whatever celebration you’re planning.

4th of July Centerpiece

I always use clear marbles in the bottom of my container to hold up the flowers as I cut and assemble them into the container.  Here’s one more look at the finished product!

4th of July Centerpiece

Happy 4th of July from The Bayland House!!


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