“We are the sum of all our parts”  Someone said that, but I don’t remember who, which is about right for me at this point in my life!  When you are over 50, the brain tends to go on vacation without warning.

My parts are a bit all over the place……..

I was a brownie and a girl scout, a softball shortstop and third baseman (even though I am left handed and my dad said I couldn’t play though’s positions), choir member, church soloist, church goer, Oklahoma Stater, pompon girl, pageant queen………all that before I got married!

I was married in 1988 and went on to…….

Have a baby girl in 1990 and a baby boy in 1994, move 8 times, record a Christian CD in Nashville, lead worship at ladies retreats, teach and lead events for youth, coach varsity cheerleading, teach P.E., girls athletic director, 2 neck surgeries, lost both of my parents to cancer, as well as both of my husband’s parents

Now that the kids have gone off to college I am………..

I have been resting and waiting on The Lord to direct my steps and I think He has lead me here, to this blog. I love sharing my home with others, cooking weekly for the post graduates we host once a week, hosting parties for no reason, decorating, making crafty things for my house and talking to others about what The Lord is doing in their lives and sharing what He is doing in mine.

So, come on in, sit with me on the porch and let’s get to know each other. This is going to be fun! Oh, and by the way, I have tons of those CD’s I made about 15 years ago.  If you would like me to send you one, at no cost of course, let me know. My husband, running man, would love to get them out of the garage.