I am right in the middle of Author, Elizabeth George’s new book, “A banquet of Consequences.” If you have never read any of her books you are missing a real treat! Her series has the most delightful main character, Inspector Thomas Lynley, a dashing royal blooded policeman at New Scotland Yard. He is someone you would love to call friend and champion should MURDER ever happen to a loved one, unless you are the one who is guilty! His sometimes partner, Detective Sgt. Barbara Havers, is the comic, yet smart driven relief who is always a thorn in the side of the “higher-ups.” Together they solve some truly horrible crimes. The books are always full of characters, plots and sub-plots. They are not quick reads however, but very, very intense books you will read into the night, cause you can’t put it down type of books.  If you get a chance, start back as far as you want to go in the series since the latest book is number 19! That will keep you in books for a long time!  Once you have read one, you will love the characters and come to really look forward to the next installment.

Elizabeth George's new book

Let’s read!!

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