Inside The Bayland House

This is where you will find all the goings on inside the house, from everyday stuff to holiday decor. Come on in and check it out.


Halloween Costume Party! I am so ready for this year’s Halloween Costume party!  I have had my costume for weeks and have been playing with my make-up for the last two days!  I can’t wait for this night to come because I am going to be one of the biggest, baddest, Disney Villain’s ever, Maleficent!   As […] Read more…

Halloween Door Garland

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait to show you what I did this year, but first, a little background on me.  I grew up in a home where my mom went all out for every holiday, even though she really didn’t have much money to work with or much time […] Read more…

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