When we were getting ready to move, Running Man and I decided to get rid of a lot of furniture, kitchen supplies, bedding, rugs, lamps…… Hard to believe we still have stuff to put into the current house, we went a little crazy!  I searched online for some ideas, since our neighborhood didn’t allow you to have the typical garage sale.  We had to get a little creative in our endeavor to downsize our life. So after searching around for a little bit, I found a great lady in Houston to host an “Estate Sale”. It’s funny, cause I thought you only had estate sales after…..well, after someone dies.  That assumption is obviously not true!

One piece I was planning on getting rid of was our old china cabinet since it was painted olive green and was not going to fit the color scheme I had chosen for the new house. Have you priced china cabinets lately? Well, I will make a long story only a little shorter, by telling you I kept our old cabinet after going to a store that sold chalk paint and chalk painted furniture.  I was totally hooked and just knew I could completely transform our old ugly cabinet.

Green top of china cabinet

bottom of green china cabinet

I mean look at the color, what in the world was I thinking? So, I took it out to the garage and got started. My thinking was if I totally messed it up, I would just sell it to someone else and let them fix it or I would end up with a beautiful NEW piece of furniture.

I used a mixture of Amy Howard’s One Step Paint and Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Mainly cause at the time I had to order Amy’s paint (no one in Houston sold it) and I just happen to find Annie’s paint at a shop in Gulf Shores while I was there visiting.  Using chalk paint is the easiest thing you will ever do. Even if you don’t view yourself as crafty, it’s really hard to mess up anything you paint. There’s no sanding, striping, scraping, messy gloppy removers…. You just clean the piece real good to get any oils that could be on it from your daily (ha! you like that one? daily?) house cleaning products, like pledge or furniture polishes. That is all the prep you need! Easy as pie!

china Cabinet top

China Cabinet Base

Amy Howard’s One Step paint really is exactly what it says, “One Step”. I only used one coat of the White on my cabinet and then went back in with Annie Sloan’s Black around the windows and drawers. My next step was to paint on the stencils I found in my craft room and change out the hardware. When I was doing the research on how to use this paint, I found a product that allowed you to change the color of the hardware, instead of having to go out and buy new knobs.  So, I went to Hobby Lobby and got something called “Rub-n-Buff” to change the hardware from brown to silver.

Rub n Buff

After painting the piece I let it dry overnight (one, to make sure I didn’t need another coat of paint and two, it has to be completely dry to apply the wax or you will take the paint off while you’re buffing off the wax) and then went over it with Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax, that’s why it looks like it has dark “splotches” all over it. You just brush on the dark wax wherever you want it, then buff it off with an old T-shirt. If it’s to dark for your liking after you buff it off, take some of the Clear Wax on a piece of T-Shirt and rub it over the dark wax. This process will lighten up the area by removing some of the dark wax when you buff the area.

I can’t believe how great it turned out! Good thing I had the “newsflash” moment and decided to try my hand at chalk paint!!

White china cabinet



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