Table Beautiful Scape!

We are having a Harvest Dinner Party this weekend and it feels like we just finished up Halloween. Last year Running Man won a chef prepared dinner for 20 at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes fundraiser he went to with some people from his work. We have finally finished the backyard, (finally able to use the Outdoor Kitchen) so the Harvest Dinner Party is this Saturday night!  The chef, Alicia, came over on Halloween for brunch (talk about pressure! Fixing brunch for a professional chef!!) so we could go over the menu and make any last minute adjustments to our plan.

We are renting most of the supplies, including the linens, tables, chairs…. We are going to set up tents on our driveway, hang some twinkle lights so we can eat “under the stars”! So, for the last week I have been trying to figure out what my centerpieces should look like. I’m still tweaking, but here is what I have so far. Keep in mind we will have three, 8ft tables end to end. I practiced on my dining room table since it’s a 9 ft table. I will keep you updated on the final product!IMG_5118 IMG_5119 IMG_5120 IMG_5122

I think I will add some fresh flowers and small votives and it will look great…… More details to come.

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