I went out and about on this gloomy Houston day to take some artsy Houston Photography and had a blast! My little jaunt around town stemmed from an assignment my online instructor gave the class today. We are working in “A” mode on the top dial…..No, not Pretty Little Liars mode, that’s fancy camera talk for Aperture priority.

Houston Photography

A couple of months ago Running Man and I went to the 2nd Saturday’s at Spring Street art galleries. Once a month they throw open the doors at all the galleries and people like me get to walk around and view all the amazing art and meet the artists. One of the studio’s had magazines laying around for visitors to take, so of course I took one.  One of those magazines was, ClickinMoms. This magazine has some of the most beautiful photography, they’re artists really, masterfully written articles…….all in one place, I read it cover to cover. They also have an amazing online community so if you’re interested in photography go check it out. When I got home I spent an entire day (I was being lazy, I know but sometimes you just need to have that kind of day) going through the ClickinMoms.com site and I decided to start at the beginning with my photography. So I registered for a class to REALLY get to know my fancy camera. I am so excited, I can feel it, amazing pictures are screaming to out… stay tuned.

Houston PhotographyHouston Photography

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