Halloween Costume Party!

I am so ready for this year’s Halloween Costume party!  I have had my costume for weeks and have been playing with my make-up for the last two days!  I can’t wait for this night to come because I am going to be one of the biggest, baddest, Disney Villain’s ever, Maleficent!   As the light outside begins to dim, it’s easier to see all the kiddo’s starting to dart around the sidewalk.  We have our candy in big witches cauldrons which we sit on the bottom step of our front porch.  We sit outside on the steps with the candy because with 1500 goblins coming through the gate it makes it hard to open and close the front door.  We offer the kids a choice every year, 1. Chocolate Candy, 2. Sour Candy or 3. A small trinket or toy.  This year we actually ran out of our trinkets, my dentist would be so proud!  The party was a lot of fun and my costume was a big hit with the kids.

My best friend and I owned the night!
My best friend and I owned the night!

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