I just finished reading Lisa Unger’s, Ink and Bone and it was really good. I had never heard of this author before I found her on a search I did on audible. Audible keeps track of the style of books I order and will sometimes suggest an author they think I might like. They hit the nail on the head this time.

Lisa Unger's, Ink and Bone


An overview of the book: A college aged girl, Finely, has come to live with her Grandmother outside of Seattle. The Grandmother is helping her hone a gift, a talent that they both share. There is a family with troubles vacationing in the area to get away from their troubles. When the Father takes his son and daughter on an hike, they are attacked. The little girl goes missing and she’s not the first one. How will Finely and her Grandmother help the family?

Read it and find out! It’s a good, easy read. Now on to my next one, which I think will be Tom Clancy’s new book. Let’s read!!

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