My Favorite Things


I am currently re-reading one of my all time favorite book series, The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.  You can also find the series on Audible, a company that provides books for you to download and listen to while traveling long distances, running, driving around town, on the beach…… My husband, running man, doesn’t mind it when I drive on our trips. I listen to the book and he immediately falls asleep. What is Outlander about I’m sure you’re asking by now???  Well, 95% of the book is set in 1700 Scotland and 5% is set in 1940’s London. Claire, a trained medical triage nurse, falls back in time while picking flowers on a “fairy hill” in Scotland.  She meets Jamie, a Highlander and his group of men who give her refuge in this strange place and time. Of course everyone loves to hate the villian, and you will do just that when you meet Captain Johnathon Randal! He is absolutely awful!!! You will fall in love with this story and its’ characters, but a warning, the books are addictive. Make sure to have the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, on hand or you will be very upset with yourself.