The Nose knows!

I remember hearing that music and smells are closely related to memories. When I was in college and dating my now husband, Running Man, he was (still is) very sensitive to the smell of women’s cologne. It used to make me so mad (that’s a little strong, irritated is the better word) when I would spend good money on a bottle of expensive cologne only for him to say that “it stinks, or gives him a headache”!! One day I came across a cool, what I would call a “hippie” shop in Tulsa, Ok that sold essential oils. Well, back then (in the olden days) I had no idea what essential oils were, let alone that you could wear them like perfume. I was really drawn to a scent I had never heard of before called, Patchouli. I loved the fact that it only took a few drops on my wrists and the kicker was it was only $5.00 for bottle. The rest is history…

I have worn this oil for at least the last 35 years and counting. I have several stories of people walking by me (at the mall, at the grocery, at football game) and quickly turning around to ask me what that smell is.  At the many schools I have taught at, teachers would tell me they always knew when I had been in the workroom cause it always smelled so good. But my favorite story is about my son. My son, Lax Bro, played lacrosse at a college in CA his freshman year and probably had the best Freshman year ever. However, at the end of the season the school cut the Division 2 program and the boys all scattered. Lax Bro landed at Ole Miss and was really having a hard time adjusting. When I say a hard time, I mean a REALLY HARD TIME. He missed his buddies, he missed his girlfriend and he miss CA! He was absolutely miserable, my heart just broke for him. He came home for a long weekend and came in to sit on the bed while I was putting on my make-up. He asked me, “Mom, where do you buy that perfume you wear?” I told him and then asked him why……He said, “Because sometimes I get to feeling so lost and lonely up at school that I just want to have some of that stuff so I can smell you and pretend you are there with me!”

Good memories, good smells!