Who’s ready to party?

I am going to help all of you out there who would rather wear a T-shirt without nipple covers than plan a party…..welcome to Party Planning 101!! Ok, take a breath, get a pen and let’s get started. Sometimes that’s the hardest part of the whole thing, the getting started part. I always do the same thing, whether my event is for 2 people or for 20.

  • What is the occasion? Could be a birthday, a holiday or just getting together with a group of friends. For this session of party planning I will plan a College Football Watch Party
  • Decide on the date, location and time. Since this is a watch party, all that is already chosen for you.
  • If my party is a casual one, then I will text my group to ensure they reserve the date and then I send out evites that reflect the theme. If my event is a little more formal, like a birthday party or special occasion, then I usually make invitations and mail them. Making a beautiful invitation turns a normal dinner between friends into a special occasion.
  • Plan your menu: Football watch party? You might serve a big pot of chili and then offer things that go with chili; baked potatoes, corn chips, hot dogs…. I always have something sweet I serve during the 4th quarter, like ice cream sundae’s, Texas sheet cake or iced cookies.
  • How will you decorate, not just your table, but certain areas of the house? I search the internet for ideas and then figure out how to make them my own. I may grab a green table cloth and add some white tape so it looks like the field, some pompons, thermos’s, face paint, footballs……I even made some custom pennants once that each guest could take home as a party favor. It’s a chance to be as creative as you want. One thing I always do, no matter the occasion, is to get plenty of votive candles and fresh flowers. I usually make several arrangements to set on the food table, in the powder bath, on the mantle…..Making your own arrangements is way cheaper than ordering flowers from your favorite florist and it’s a beautiful touch.
  • What drinks will you serve? Will you serve a “signature” cocktail, beer, wine or iced tea/water? We are Oklahoma Stater’s at my house and our colors are Orange and Black. Last time our watch party included an Aperol Spritz. Aperol is a liqueur I found while in Italy, but it works perfectly with my theme because it’s Orange!
  • If you will have your guests sitting down for your dinner then you will need to consider adding some centerpieces to your table. A week before the party, I will gather my supplies and dress the table. Doing this early will allow you to buy additional items should you need them or take items off the table if you have gone a little overboard. I am usually in the boat of “overboard”, that’s just my personality.
  • Will you add anything unusual to your party, like a photo booth, a chalk paper runner for people to draw on or a game to play while watching the football game?
  • Lastly, will you have anything for your guests to take with them as they leave the party? Little party favors are fun and can be anything that’s not to expensive. I have made cookies and put them into little containers, orange glow necklaces/bracelets, personalized party cups, photo’s from the photo booth….

I love opening up my home to friends and colleagues from Running Man’s office. It’s not a chore for me because I plan ahead. So, go on, bite the bullet, roll up your creative sleeves and go plan your party! Don’t forget to send me some pictures or tell me how it went!

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