It’s a very sad day at The Bayland House, RIP Steve Pryor you will be greatly missed. Running Man’s brother, Steve Pryor, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday night, May 6th in Tulsa, Ok. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and daughter.

RIP Steve Pryor

This beautiful picture was taken at his daughter’s wedding this time last year in Lake Tahoe. I just love this picture of the two Pryor boys. Steve was a brother, father, husband, family man…but he was also one of the most amazing guitar players I’ve ever heard stroke the strings. He played all over the world during his younger years with people like B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Paul Butterfield, Gary Busey, Robert Cray…… but in his “twilight” years you would find him playing mainly in his home town of Tulsa, Ok. Most of the time he played with his band but, if you were lucky, you would stumble onto just him, a stool and his guitar. Steve Pryor was a force in the music scene in Oklahoma, he will be greatly missed by hundreds of people. He has many awards and honors but I think he was most honored when he was inducted into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame. Amazing talent…


RIP Steve Pryor

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