How does a husband who travels a lot show the love, he makes the coffee. Every night before he goes to bed, my husband does all the prep for the next morning. He washes the dishes in the sink (man, what will I do while he’s gone??) and get’s the coffee ready for the next morning (which I totally appreciate!). Running Man used to travel a lot, which means there was plenty of mornings I woke up to a cold, empty pot (since I didn’t take the time to make the liquid gold before I went to bed). One morning, about 5 years ago, he got up super early to leave for the airport so, of course he made the coffee for me (let’s be honest, he wanted some too, right?).  When I got up and blindly stumbled my way to the kitchen this is what I found! So sweet……..

Just because I know you don't function before your coffee!
Just because I know you don’t function before your coffee!

The note was so sweet I absolutely could not throw it away, so I taped it inside the cabinet, right above the coffee pot. Every time I opened the door, the note made me smile…..The next time Running Man was home, he came into the kitchen to make the coffee and look what he found!! THE Note on the coffee pot! Now, it’s turned into a way to know that the coffee has been made, no matter who makes it. We didn’t know how special the note really was until last year when my sister came to visit while Running Man was out of town. As usual, the note was on the pot in the morning when she got up…she thought The Note was sweet as well, but she took it off and pitched it in the trash!! Oh my goodness! To say the least, it was retrieved from the overflowing trash can (Running Man was out of town remember?) and returned to its’ rightful place…the cabinet above the pot, just waiting to show the love.

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  1. Lil Sister
    January 25, 2016 at 1:35 pm (2 years ago)

    Being Lil sister… I thought you left the note for me 🙂 glad we saved it… Super special and super sweet just like your running man<3


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