You don’t need to buy a ticket to the movies, you just need to find your favorites and plug them in or get them on demand! How many times have you watched Sleepless in Seattle? As for me, I bet I have watched it at least 100 times! I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in this movie, they have such great chemistry together. I have the sound track on my Spotify and I listen to it when I get to missing Med Girl, (my daughter), since she loves the movie as much as I do. We LOVE movies at The Bayland House and tend watch our favorites over and over and over. I love the magic of movies. I love how they can take you to places and move your heart like nothing else can. When Med Girl finally got home for the holidays we didn’t buy a ticket to the movies, we continued a tradition that was started around 5 or 6 years ago. We both piled up on the couch in our comfy clothes and watched all of the Harry Potter movies. We generally try to squeeze them in before Christmas Eve, depending on when she gets into town. Running Man and Lax Bro left for a couple of days after Christmas and we pulled out all the “Chick Flicks”…Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, The Holiday….Next week the kids will be gone and I will be back to my normal routine, but for now, we’re going to watch Under the Tuscan Sun.


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