Pittsburgh Skyline

I have always wanted to visit The Steel City because I’ve been a Steeler fan ever since I can remember. I know you’re wondering how a GIRL (let’s get this straight right now, I know more about football than some guys) from Oklahoma, smack dab in the middle of Dallas Cowboy country, not to mention the fact that my Memaw and my Dad were both HUGE Cowboy fans, would come to love a team from a place a little kid would only hear about on evening news. That is easy! My Memaw and Dad couldn’t stand the Steelers or Terry Bradshaw, so naturally they were my choice every Sunday or Monday (should they be playing). Let’s not forget, that during the late 70’s early 80’s, the Steelers were THE team, no one wanted to come up against the Steel Curtain and their explosive offense. That made it way more fun to root against my family and most of my friends for that matter, whenever we watched the games together. The first time I got to see my Steelers play live was back in the early 2000’s when they visited a young Texan team here in Houston, but I had never been able to see them play in Pittsburgh until a great man made it happen. Running man hatched a great scheme for my 50th birthday, a total surprise I might add, I had no idea what he had up his sleeve. He gave me a great birthday card, that I could tell he was really excited about so I knew it must contain something special. Boy let me tell you it did, he had enclosed our flight itinerary, dinner plans, maps of the steel city… Everything we would need for a great weekend!

I did some research on things to do while we were in the steel city and one of those things was to ride the incline up to Mt. Washington. A beautiful spot on the outskirts of downtown with some amazing views. Here a couple of shots I took from up there:

Full Moon over Pittsburgh



Mt Washington

Pittsburgh Bridges Hines Field

You can see for miles up on Mt. Washington, I think I counted over 18 bridges, it was truly an amazing site. We also visited the Strip District where we walked all the food stands (which run for about 5 blocks), bought some Steeler gear and grabbed a beer at one of the local pubs, a place called The Church Brew Works. This place is an old Catholic Church that has been transformed into a great place for some local beer and great food. If you get to the steel city, don’t miss this spot.

Now for the big part of the trip, The Game!! We got up on a pretty cold Sunday morning and started making our way over to the stadium. That’s one of the things I like most about Pittsburgh, you can pretty much walk anywhere you want to go around the downtown area. It was a sea of Black and Gold as far as you could see going over one the bridges that led towards the stadium complex. People were tailgating in the parking lot and from their boats on the river that runs along the side of the stadium.

Steeler Logo

Once we got inside, I kid you not, we were on the front row right behind the Steeler bench. I got way to many great shots of the warm up, my favorites on the sidelines and game action to post but here is a classic for you.

Big Ben

To wrap it up, it was just about the best birthday present I have ever received!! Running man really outdid himself with this trip to the steel city, it will definitely be a trip we will never forget. Little did we know, that just 4 short months later, our daughter would accepted into PA school in Pittsburgh and that first visit/game would turn into many others! If you have never visited the steel city, make plans now for next Fall. You won’t regret it, even if you’re not a Steeler fan you will become a Pittsburgh fan. It’s a wonderful American city.


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