Karin Slaughter: Unseen

Have you ever felt that heart pounding, throat tightening, can’t breathe sensation when you’re in a panic? Maybe a little dramatic, but that was my response last week when I found myself at the airport in Scotland, with the prospect of a 12 hour day, without a book to read! We had a little time to kill once we got to our gate and thankfully there was a book stall right next door, so that’s where I headed. I read many a back cover before I settled on “Unseen” by Karin Slaughter.  I’ve never read this author before and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by her development of her female lead character and the wake of devastation that character leaves behind her.  Which is several dead police-related relationships and her current husband who is presently clinging to life in the ICU, while his mother, who hates said female lead character, sets up shop in their little town and noses through her son’s personal life. It’s a local police, low life misunderstood criminal, undercover federal agency and hospital drama all balled into one little bundle. My only complaint is that I jumped into the middle of a book series so I don’t have the back story on the characters that obviously have some serious animosity towards each other. My next read will be the #1 book in the series so I can catch up and that alone makes me excited because I know for the next month what I will be reading. I’m not finished with “Unseen” by Karin Slaughter yet so I will let you know if it finishes strong or in a whimper. Until then, Let’s read.

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