I went to the Olympic qualifier on Sunday afternoon in Compass Stadium where the USA Women’s soccer team took on the Canadian’s. Since I know absolutely zilch about the game, I didn’t spend the whole time yelling at the ref’s, I sat back (shooting the whole thing with my camera) and just enjoyed watching the action (through my viewfinder of course). Wow, those ladies are exceptional at what they do…..”All they do win, win not matter what….”

What an amazing afternoon with friends, sitting in a beautiful stadium, watching the World Cup champion team win a tough match against a great opponent. We didn’t score until the second half, but when we did it was very exciting! The USA Women’s Soccer team won 2-0, congrats ladies, you are Olympic bound!  Here are just a few of the over 800 pictures I took on Sunday.

Me with my gear on!

I went to Arne’s Party Supply to get all our Red, White and Blue bling! They have so many party supplies, you could spend hours in there. If you click on the word “Arne’s” it will take you to their website so you can see all they carry or find their location.

Number 17

Carly Lloyd in action

Here is a still shot of Carli Lloyd, one of the most amazing players if have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Canada's goalie making a save

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