I am currently doing a bible study and something I read today really stuck out to me. That’s how the Holy Spirit teaches me, he makes the words literally jump right off the page. The story is taken out of Luke 7: 36-50. This is the story of Jesus visiting the house of Simon, a Pharisee, for the evening meal (there were others in attendance, you just don’t know how many) when a woman enters the room and begins to weep over Jesus’s feet. As she weeps, there are so many tears falling onto his feet that she begins to wipe the mud from his feet with her hair. Then, through her tears she kisses his feet and pours perfume over them.

The men of that time usually ate alone in the front room so they could talk and discuss, shout, or get heated about a topic…..while the women ate in the kitchen. My bible says that men usually ate laying down on their sides, facing the table, with their feet out behind them. One question I have right off the bat is, how desperate would the longing of this woman’s heart have to be to make her walk into a room like that? Without regard of what others would say, think or do (would they kick her out, condemn her, take her out to be stoned because of her habitual sin) she came into the room and fell at Jesus’s feet. I’ve walked around dusty, dirty streets enough to know what happens when water hits all the dust on someones dirty feet, it creates a mud pie. Of course all eyes were on her but she didn’t seem to notice, she just cried and wiped, cried and wiped. And in that moment, all she cared about was Jesus and her need for him. I imagine after she calmed down a little and realized she had cleansed his feet of the dust of the road, she began to kiss his feet and then she pulled a container from her pocket. A treasured container, broke the seal and tipped it over the Lord’s feet.

I’m not going to talk about the parable in the story, but how it feels when we confront something, when we’re at our wits end with the things in our life and we have no where to go but to Jesus. You know that feeling, when you just can’t stand still, you feel compelled to leave your “pew”, you feel something urging you onward, you can’t breathe because your heart is pounding…. I have done things in my past I regret, that have haunted me, that have cemented me in place when the Lord wanted me to just take that first step into the isle. Oh, my friend, there’s hope for us, there’s a place for us to go and it’s to Jesus. He’s waiting for us to move and as soon as we do, He’s there to meet us.

Jesus meet’s us where we are, and he met the woman in the midst of her sin, at dinner. The bible tells us, He told her she was forgiven because “she loved much”. (she loved Jesus more than the life she was living or the ridicule she would receive when she walked into or out of the room) My bible tells me that overflowing love is a response to faith yet to be acted on. Jesus redeems His follower’s no matter the lives they’ve led and that gives me a hope beyond all others.

Satan want us to hold onto things in our lives that separate us Jesus!! Now we know we can let them go, fling them off like a slimy snake. There is nothing so great that He can’t forgive, nothing so great that can keep us from Him. No need to “clean up” before we go to the cross, His life and death proves he can take anything we could ever throw at Him. What a great time of the year to go to Him. It’s almost Easter, because He lives, we can face tomorrow.


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