The week of wine tasting is over (I need a couple of weeks of nothing but water!) here in Napa since PA Girl has started her 5 week rotation at the hospital. I snapped some pictures at my favorites, so I thought I would share them with you in your very own, virtual wine tasting tour. Let’s go, you don’t even need a DD this time, however, if you plan on visiting you might consider getting a car/driver for the day.

Our first stop is Grgich Hills Estate Winery located on the St. Helena Hwy outside of Rutherford, CA.  (this is also a stop on the wine train I told you about a couple of days ago.)

Wine Tasting

Talk to anyone in the valley and they will tell you about the “Paris Tasting” of 1976 which put California wine making on the map. Grgich made the chardonnay that beat out all the French wines in that tasting!

Wine Tasting

Our next stop will be the Charles Krug Winery outside of St. Helena on the St. Helena Hwy. This is by far one of my favorite wineries to visit whenever we are in the area. (we also keep a large stock in our wine fridge at home) Running Man and I joined their wine club a couple of years ago, so our tasting was free. (nice little perk of joining the clubs) Charles Krug founded the winery in 1861 which explains the wall behind the servers in the tasting room.

Wine Tasting

Krug is part of one of the biggest families in wine making here in the valley, Mondavi. So as you can imagine, this family run vineyard cranks out some amazing wines. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is very smooth and velvety, yummo is an understatement.

Wine tasting              Wine Tasting

Our last stop is a very special place in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley, Jordan Vineyards.

Wine Tasting

This beautiful family run estate was founded by Tom and Sally Jordan back in 1972. The estate is high up on a ridge so the views around the grounds are stunning on a bright sunny day. The vineyard focuses on making only Cabs and Chards, that’s it, and man do they do a great job. When our daughter was born we had a bottle of their red and white in the hospital room with us at all times. We toasted our newborn with everyone that came for a visit, needless to say when the word got out it was standing room only the whole time we were there.

Wine Tasting        Wine Tasting

There are plenty of other great vineyards around the area (I think I heard over 500 in Napa area alone) but these three are my favorites. Hope you get a chance to visit the area and if you do, tell them The Bayland House sent you.


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